Friday, 31 January 2014

Post Tribal Shamanism

Post Tribal Shamanism by Kenn Day

"no book or workshop can make you into a shaman...becoming a post tribal shaman requires the talent, the call and the training from which the necessary skills may be developed"

That line alone got me hooked...

Explaining in depth the role and purpose of a shaman in today's modern society whilst still retaining the essence of the original shaman.  More importantly, for me anyway, Kenn draws on his own experiences and practices in the art of shamanism including sharing a lot of his techniques for the reader to work with.

A fascinating and enlightening book, a definite 'must read from cover to cover in one sitting' kind of book but one that you will definitely go back to time and again.

The official blurb:

Modern life is lived cut off from our souls, our ancestors, the earth and other elements of what once made life worth living. Our souls still yearn for these missing pieces, causing what the author calls the Invisible Wound. This wound is responsible for much of the grief of modern life – through soul hungers displaced onto addictions and self-destructive behavior. Post-Tribal Shamanism offers a means of reclaiming many of these pieces, not by a return to the past, but by moving forward into a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.

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