Thursday, 2 January 2014

Following and dancing to the beat of my own drum

Prompted by the Sassology group run by author and go get 'em girl Lisa Lister I pulled a Sassy She oracle card for the year ahead...and I got:


This card says - stop being swayed by others and listen to the beat of your own drum.

I like that.

I have had a habit in the past, of being swayed and I would even go as far to say manipulated by others, not in a wimpy 'I have no brain of my own' kind of way (anyone that knows me will know that is very unlikely to happen LOL) but of buckling under pressure so as not to upset others or cause arguments.

Well this card says just how I feel for the future - I will do whatever I can to help my friends and anyone in need, I will support you and encourage you in all sorts of ways but and here's the crux...although I won't say or do anything to purposely hurt anyone, I am however done with keeping my mouth shut when I think things are wrong, I am not going to sit in the background and ignore my intuition just because it is easier and quieter and I will not be told that I am wrong or that someone is not a good person or that I shouldn't be doing something or following a pathway just because someone else says so, I WILL trust my own intuition, it hasn't failed me yet but I have ignored it on more than one my detriment.

I am ME...I am in total control of my own destiny and I am not only gonna beat that drum I am going to dance to it too.

2014 bring it's going to be fantastic...

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