Monday, 25 November 2013

The 'C' word...Christmas from a Witch's point of view

I make no apologies...I am in the festive fact I always am by this time every year.

I know the retail market have made it commercial, but I ignore them...I make it a celebration for things that aren't material - good health, friends, family and all the things that I have been blessed with over the year.

I don't think I ever lost the childlike excitement that comes in the build up to the festive season.

Christmas was a fabulous time when I was a child, my family celebrated it to the fullest...with bells on...and still do.

My family is not religious so there never was the Christian side to the festivities but it was a time to get together as a family, everyone chatting, reminiscing, laughing and of course eating.  The TV was  not allowed to be turned on, it was a time for people to connect and again still is for us as a family.

The twist came once I discovered I was a Witch (although let's face it I probably always have been one) over the past fifteen years I have um'd and ah'd at this time of the year about what to do about sending cards and whether it is OK to mention the 'C' word (Christmas..).  But you know, it's not really a big dilemma. What I celebrate is the season - whether it is Christmas or the Winter Solstice, I celebrate life, love and the blessings that I have.  This time of the year is one to greet complete strangers with festive greetings, to smile and laugh at parties and gatherings and if you have the spare change, to give to a charity.  My young son likes us to give money to the Salvation Army to provide a Christmas dinner for someone less fortunate.

I have been recording and watching the Xmas 24 channel since the beginning of November, I have already started on the mince pies and am working my way through all the Yuletide songs on my laptop as I work each day.  Does it matter that some of them are carols?  Does it matter that most of them have the word Christmas in them?  No ... not to me... they are happy, joyful songs that fill my heart and I don't see anything wrong in that.  And I have managed to find a few songs that relate to the Winter Solstice and the Holly King as well.

Our decorations will go up around 1st or 2nd of December and they will stay there until about 26th/27th because after that I get fed up with them LOL

And of course there will be loads of lights and plenty of to have glitter...

So I wish you all greetings of the festive season ♥

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