Friday, 1 November 2013

Surprises, tears and Minion cake ♥

During the day yesterday I was part of a children's Halloween party at Chi Coffee with proceeds going to charity (Portsmouth Association for the Blind) - and what an exhausting but fun day it was!  Lots of children (and their parents), colouring, story telling, pumpkin designing (even the adults), guessing how many eyeballs in the jar and all sorts of mad fun and we raised money for charity too.

Then home about 5pm for two hours of trick or treaters at the door (and not one but two surprise bouquets of flowers and a box of chocs from dear friends) and a quick shower and change to head back out for what I thought was going to be a takeaway with my lovely friends at Chi Coffee to celebrate my 45th birthday...

Little did I know that for some weeks prior to yesterday lots of plotting, planning and scheming had gone on behind the scenes between some of the Kitchen Witch Coven and the Chi gang to organise a surprise birthday party for moi...I hadn't got a clue, not an inclining...not the merest hint that something was going I headed into my first ever surprise party.

"'s a bit dark in the cafe, everyone must still be upstairs"...bang, flash, hurrahs...and all the lights went on... Standing before me were loads and loads of lovely friends - all dressed up in Halloween outfits!
Embarrassingly I was the normal looking one...something that doesn't happen very often to me.  Lots of hugs followed...til I saw my partner in crime at the Kitchen Witch school, Tracey - then my eyes sprung a leak and tissues were required (I'm such a wet).

The evening that followed was amazing fun, pass the parcel and party games, beautiful presents and the most amazing Minion cake (not sure it is at all right to be eating Minions...).

I am still somewhat overwhelmed and emotional today.

HUGE thanks to the lovely Sam (Starlit) who I understood did the planning, to Adam for making my beautiful besom (and all his taxi driving & photography), to Jane, Wayne, Sam, Megan and Lee for all the catering and the cake (and all the support), to my hubby for making sure I was in the right place at the right time and to Carol and Jess for helping Sam, to Ness and Josh for being fabulous, to Steve (for your support too), Lucas, Jacqui, Becky, Kate & Rob, Laurie, Kate, Gwen & children and Simon and Tracey (for your support as always) and to my children for behaving all evening ;-) and I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!

OK I know this blog post looks quite long but I really don't have the right words or enough words to express just how special you guys made me feel and how much it meant to me to have you all go to so much effort, I am really speechless...really I am!

Huge hugs and much love to you all, I am very blessed to have you all in my life.

P.S. for Wayne...the image of your fancy dress outfit will remain with me for my entire life...burned into my eyeballs ;-)

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