Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stop hiding...

At a very good mediumship development class last night one of the other students whilst reading for me said "stop hiding"...

Which on the face of it seems a strange thing to say to me of all people, when I have spent the last year putting my head above the parapet and pimping myself to all (only in the marketing sense of the word, not actually as a lady of the night...).

But when I thought about it, the message was spot on.

I also had someone last week ask me about how I feel about standing up and speaking in front of lots of people and my answer was "if I am talking about the Craft then I love it, sharing my experiences and the knowledge I have gained and chatting with like minded people is wonderful".  I was then asked "but don't you put on a persona when you do it" I definitely don't.  What you see with me is pretty much what you get.  Oh sure I have masks like most people so that you don't get to see under all the emotional layers but when I am working at sharing the Craft whether it is as an author, a teacher or an High Priestess - it is me you get.

When I write you hopefully get the feeling that I am just sitting next to you chatting, that's how I like to read a book - if I need a dictionary and a thesaurus then I don't usually make it past the first page.  And that's how I like to do my talks and workshops, keep it simple, make everyone feel comfortable, grab a cup of tea and a slice of cake and let's have a chat style.  (Obviously there is always cake...)

As for the 'hiding' part, at the beginning of the year when the workshops and the talks started happening I was nervous about doing them on my own and for the first few I didn't stand up as just me, I had support (and I was very thankful for that) but the time has come to get out there as 'me'.  Don't get me wrong, I love working with my 'partner in crime' at Kitchen Witch, she is a total star and I wouldn't be without her, but I am talking about 'Rachel the author' and in fact the last couple of talks I have done have been just me sitting there in front of the audience and do you know what? was fabulous, and it is fabulous because it's just me and a group of people having a chat, sharing information and learning together.

I have already got quite a packed diary for next year, not just my events but also Kitchen Witch as well, but on the book front...well let's just say it's going to be another fabulously busy and exciting much in store, so much plotting and scheming behind the scenes...2014 I hope you are ready for me!

Details of the 2014 schedule so far can be found on

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