Sunday, 27 October 2013

The witches new year...

Samhain is when we mark the end of the seasonal year, when we store away for the following year, when the veil between the worlds is thin and we celebrate those who have gone before us. It is a spiritual time and one that works well for divination and scrying. 

The Witches new year, probably the most celebrated Witches Sabbat I would think and of course … trick or treating…and my birthday ;-)

I love this time of the year (and not just coz of the presents…).  I love autumn, the crisp, fresh air, the crunch of the leaves under foot, the evenings drawing in, the promise of warm nights indoors with a good book and a big bowl of casserole.

It is a time of introspection, a time to look back over all that has occurred over the previous months.  Looking at the projects that were started, ones that have worked, ones that have failed, examining them all and re-evaluating.

I always decorate the house and we do get a lot of trick or treaters.  I move the furniture in my lounge so that I can put a sideboard in the bay window and I decorate it as a Samhain altar – pumpkins, cobwebs, candles, bats – all the Halloween decorations.  I always dress up too. 

Samhain is a good time to connect with spirit.  I usually put up an ancestors altar with black and white photographs of my grandparents and great grandparents.  I like to scry with water and use the crystal ball too.  

Along with all the decorations in the house my working altar and my main altar will also be decorated.  Black altar clothes, lace, orange and black candles and I even have black roses.

I also make Mexican hot chocolate (hot milk, melted chocolate squares, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves).

So I wish all of you a witchy Happy New Year ♥

Text taken from my book Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft
Published by Moon Books

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  1. Hi Rachael, lovely post :D
    Thought you might like my machinima animation Samhain Song,
    a celebration of this magical pagan festival
    Bright Blessings By Star & Stone ~


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