Monday, 16 September 2013

The spiritual winds of change...

The winds of spiritual change have been blowing in my direction for the past few weeks, actually few months really.  Oh don't worry I am still a Witch through to my very core and no I am definitely not going all fluffy on you!...but lots of new and exciting information, directions and pathways have been literally thrown at me this year.

I hope that I have met each of these new pathways with an open mind and embraced each one with the proper respect.

The most recent was yesterday when I attended a Mediumship workshop with Steve Bradshaw at Chi Coffee.  And no...I am not about to get up on platform and do mediumship readings, but...the information and skills learnt yesterday have been taken away with me and will be added to my 'bag of tricks' to help me enhance those that I already have and to embrace new ideas and new ways of working with my spiritual journey.

Even with my Reiki stages I & II that I completed back in 2009 - chance came my way last month to do my Reiki Master and that has opened up more doorways and more different ways of practising for me personally.

So I am putting out a huge thank you here to all those around me that are walking their own pathways and allowing me the privilege of sharing in that journey and experience, it is an honour to learn from you all.

Everything that I have learnt and experienced has helped me to deal with new challenges and situations that come my way.   I never thought of myself really as a 'healer' but this year I have been working with my Reiki and Earth energy to heal, coupled with crystal healing (which I have always worked with but this year drew me to do a proper certified course on).  More courses are following on all sorts of other healing areas, all of which are exciting but had you said to me last year I would be doing I would probably have laughed...

I am and hope I never will be too old to learn and experience new things, and will always be open to new and exciting spiritual pathways.  I am truly blessed.

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