Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Inner Realms Tarot

I was sent a set of the Inner Realms Tarot by Saleire to review (many thanks, I LOVE receiving things to review!).

The box that they come in is very impressive, beautiful artwork on the lid, very sturdy and holds the cards and a small book to accompany them.

On my initial flick through I found that I was drawn to a lot of the major arcane with some lovely artwork.  The artwork on all the cards has a very digital look and feel but with a mystical twist.

I was however a bit disappointed with the suits cards as they are quite repetitive but that's not always a bad thing (it's a personal choice thing, I like lots of imagery).  Each card also has keywords printed around and in the image which would be helpful to those learning the tarot.

I am part of a tarot share group at my local spiritual coffee shop Chi Coffee on a Friday morning so I took them with me to see what others thought as the group is a mixture of novice readers through to professional tarot readers.  Here are some of the thoughts and comments:

The accompanying book is easy to read, although there isn't a huge amount of detail for each card it does have some really good tarot spread ideas as well.

The words on the cards are helpful, especially if you are learning to read the cards intuitively.

It isn't a 'spiritual' set as such but the major arcane images are lovely.

Definitely a set for intuitive readings and the cards would make good meditation prompts.

The descriptions in the book aren't long but are well worded and simple to connect with.

It is at the higher end of the price range for tarot cards (retail £37.50) but the quality of the card stock and the box that it comes in are a reflection of that.

I will continue to use it as the readings that came out have been good and one of the tarot share group (a professional tarot reader) purchased a set, so that's a good recommendation!

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