Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Here I am... but please don't shoot...

This year for me has been a lot about putting my head above the parapet, especially with regard to the book writing and the workshops and talks.

It is easy to be comfortable with yourself and believe that what you are doing is right when it is just you ...on your own...not sharing your thoughts and opinions.

But once you start 'getting out there', writing books that people read (a huge thank you to those that have, the book sales have been amazing!), doing talks in front of very knowledgeable pagan groups (eeep) and running workshops - you do put yourself somewhat in the firing line.

Thankfully...so far...it has been a fabulous year, the book sales really have been amazing, I am truly humbled but...with all the five and four star reviews there will be one or two peeps that don't find it as good.

Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft has an astounding (and incredibly humbling) twenty eight 5* and six 4* reviews...totally overwhelmed...

Grimoire (as of today's date) has seven 5* reviews and one 4* review but it does have one 3*

I have to admit to my heart sinking when I saw the 3 star review (hey it could have been a one star, three stars ain't bad!!) because of all the other positive reviews it kind of stood out from the crowd.  Oh come on you dozy tart I can hear you all saying - one 3* within all the other four and five star ones - stop whinging!!

And you would be right...putting myself out in the public eye has been immensely rewarding, I have met some amazing people and had some wonderful experiences and learnt a huge amount, what I need to remember, in fact what we all need to remember is that we are all awesome in our on unique and individual way but at the end of the day not everyone is going to like everything that we do or say (or wear) - don't take it personally.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, everyone has their own minds, thoughts and views and they aren't always going to be the same as yours - that's life - it is a wonderful mix of interesting people, it would be boring if we were all the same wouldn't it?

I am sharing my knowledge and experience not because I think I know it all (really I don't...not by a long shot) but because I love to share it, to engage with other like minded people and hopefully learn from each other...it's just a case of remembering that not everyone has the same views and neither should they!

Seize the day...do your own thing...make it yours ♥

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  1. I really admire you and what you do Rachel!


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