Sunday, 18 August 2013

A warm, wet and laughter filled ritual

Yesterday was the Kitchen Witch Hazel Moon ritual (with a bit of Lughnasadh thrown in for good measure)...we arrived and it was warm and dry...we set up...all warm and dry...people started to arrive...all warm and dry...once everyone was there and ready...RAIN! and lots of it!

We hastily moved the altar under the trees and all formed a kind of squished up oval rather than a circle so that the trees would shield us from as much rain as possible.  Some very organised people had brought umbrellas so they went up too.

There followed the quickest circle casting (poor Tracey had to run around the outside in the rain, but thank you to Adam for following her with an umbrella, what a gentleman!), a ritual that we shortened and the soggiest shamanic drumming ever!  Speaking invocations with huge drips of water running down my face and talking about the real meaning of Lughnasadh with rivers of water streaming down my back was interesting to say the least! Coupled with the now torrential rain we were also invaded by several dogs who proceeded to eat the bread offerings...

But...and here is the important thing...everyone still smiled, in fact everyone laughed and joined in with the spirit of the occasion :-)

We at Kitchen Witch are feeling all kinds of humbled and blessed today that so many lovely people turned up, regulars and new faces, and that everyone stayed despite the weather and they participated in good spirits, we are very honoured.

It was VERY soggy...but lots of fun...

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