Friday, 5 July 2013

Maybe the universe just isn't that into you!

I love this book! Although I knew I would, having read one of Colette's previous books Weegie Tarot (available from Amazon).

Maybe the universe just doesn't get you by Colette Brown

Finally some spiritual common sense, absolute truth and guidance (or a slap up the side of the head awakening) to take responsibility for ourselves, our words and our actions.

Colette picks you up by the you a good shake and sets you firmly on your own two feet, opening up fluffy bunny views of spirituality and bringing in reality...what a relief!

This book made me nod in agreement on every single page and laugh out loud on more than one occasion, it should be required reading for everyone who claims to walk a spiritual path.

The Amazon blurb:

You have read the little books of affirmations, done the daily angel/oracle/astrological inspiration thing? too! But it has all gone too far. We now have a great swathe of spiritual people who are giving up personal responsibility for their actions and claiming that simple bad decisions are the work of Spirit/God/Universe. It has to stop. Everything is a 'lesson' or a 'gift'. So here is the book that debunks the usual suspects. It shows up what is simply a lack of strength and character when things go so wrong that 'Spirit told me to do it' is simply an excuse for someone looking to avoid facing the truth in their own life.'s an angry and non-subtle book. It is needed in an ocean of fluffy-bunny rainbows. It is time for the pendulum to swing the other way.

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