Monday, 15 July 2013

in the recording studio...but no Iron Maiden ;-)

I spent last Friday in the recording studio...

And then drove everyone mad on facebook by not letting on why I was in there LOL ;-)

Last time I did some recording I was playing the drums in an all girl rock band!

This time however I was in the studio to record some of the meditations taken from my books with the view to putting them out on a CD for people to listen to.

Four hours of me reading and being recorded - wow is it weird listening to yourself speak! Hubby laughed as he said I was using my "posh Surrey voice".   And then another three hours were spent with hubby playing the keyboards to provide some lovely backing music.

We will be back in the studio this week to get it all edited together and make sure I didn't make any line fluffs ;-)

So watch this space for news of the CD being released...

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