Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Book Review: The Last Observer

The Last Observer
by Dr G Michael Vasey

A story of magic...dark and light...one of intrigue, murder and suspense.  The author weaves real magic and mystery into this page turning mystery.  A very good read.

The official blurb:

A compelling tale of magic, alternative realities, murder and conflict. It is, in itself, both a gripping novel and a fascinating study of the nature of reality and the role we all play in co-creating it.
An ordinary man is abruptly dragged into the middle of a violent struggle between black and white magicians who both seek to use his extraordinary powers of imagination and observation. He soon learns that reality is not at all what it seems before being called upon to play a decisive role in determining whose reality will prevail.

Author: Dr. G. Michael Vasey writes about the nature of reality and our ability to shape that reality from an occultists point of view

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