Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Smurf rituals...yes I said Smurfs!

As usual life seems to go at 100 miles an hour, but it is all good...keeps me out of mischief ;-)

Last weekend we had our Kitchen Witch ritual at the QE Country Park it was to celebrate the Hawthorn Moon and was held on our new pitch at the top of the hill in amongst the long grass and surrounded by trees it really is a beautiful spot and the weather was extremely kind to us with lovely sunshine.

Part of our ritual was a memorial and a 'sending off' for one of our lovely coven members, Papasmurf (his nickname obviously).  To our huge surprise, tears of laughter and huge pride two of our lovely group turned up as ....SMURFS!!  Papasmurf would have laughed his motorbike books off.   I have been to some weird and interesting rituals before but never one with smurfs...

I also submitted the final manuscript of Pagan Portals Moon Magic this week so it is now with the publishers for edit...phew!  It was really interesting to research and write but it's also nice to know that it is done.  Also this week I got my first royalty information from the sale of Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft - VERY exciting, OK it wasn't nearly as much as JK Rowling gets in her royalties but it's a start!

This Friday sees me co-host a Witchcraft Within workshop with psychic medium Paul Cissell on Plant & Tree Magic, part of a set of three workshops over three Fridays, the other two are on Hoodoo and Elementals - should be interesting.

Also coming up...online Summer Solstice ritual and study circle with the Kitchen Witch School and celebration of the summer solstice itself (have the opportunity of three separate rituals to go to over three days!).  I can't believe the solstice is nearly upon us, the weather sure doesn't feel like it!

And I can't forget  regular visits to my favourite cafe Chi Coffee, if anyone local is around on a Friday we have a lovely gang meet up to talk spiritual stuff and play with tarot/oracle cards...oh and eat delicious cake of course...

Not to mention my Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch book launch party on 29th June! (Everyone is welcome to come along to Chi Coffee just for a chat, a coffee and a cake - although everyone that purchases a book on the day, at a discounted price will get a free mini tarot reading from Kate Bowman).

And now to finish writing the booklet to go with our Kitchen Witch workshop in July - Way of the Witch...

A huge thank you to my lovely hubby for supporting me with all this and to my lovely soul sisters who are very special to me and to the new group of friends I have made recently - I am very blessed with my family and friends ♥

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  1. I'm so happy I found this site on twitter. I'd lo to be in an outdoor ritual but I don't drive, neither does my boyfriend (we both are very nervous). I saw the picture above and I wish we were there. You are so lucky and bless too. Hopefully one day we can be in an outdoor ritual too.
    Blessed Be!


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