Wednesday, 1 May 2013

intuition, empathy and exciting things

It has been an interesting few days...and it's only Wednesday!

My second book Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch went to print today...whoohoooo! (for more details see

We (as in Kitchen Witch) have lots of things going on in May - festivals to visit, retreats to go on and planning for lots of lovely workshops and rituals (for more details see

Yesterday I joined an intuitive development class which was extremely interesting, gave me lots to think about.   When I said I was starting the course my lovely sisters in the Craft said things like "why? you are already very intuitive and a tad empathic (which by that they mean I cry at Star Trek...), along with the clairaudience" ... well yes I am but... somehow I seem to forget or block my intuition on a day to day basis.

If I have a question or a problem then I meditate, I ask the Goddess, I ask for guidance, I go on a journey and ask my spirit guides and totems - no problem...but when it comes to every day stuff I seem to have a bit of a block.

Again my sisters in the Craft step in...the suggestion being that over the past few years I have had a few 'situations' (as we all do) where I have opened up to new friends and experiences only to find my trust misplaced and have ended up hurt, thus causing me to shut down the intuitive side of me - time to open up that can of worms me thinks!

We also had a discussion this morning (my sisters and I) about the difference between intuition and empathy - I will use the lovely Raven's description as it is worded beautifully:

Intuition is where you have a hunch or a feeling that something is happening but you don't know what, when, how or who unless you are with that person - I may have a hunch that 'x' has the hump about something, I may know she's about to phone me but I don't know what it's for ... when the Empathy kicks in - it's like I feel the information, I can hear all the nuances, I can taste the anger and I feel the pain - I don't think there is a HUGE amount of difference - I don't think you can be an Empath without being intuitive - but not every intuitive person is an Empath ...

all interesting stuff, and I have lots of homework to be going on with before next week's lesson!

Samhain blessings to all my SH friends and Beltane blessings to all my friends in the NH, looks like Spring has finally sprung here in my little part of the UK :-)

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