Saturday, 4 May 2013

Fantabulous day, homemade incense and Ganesha

Well today was indeed fantabulous :-)

We (as in the Kitchen Witch team) have an extremely hectic May and June is starting to look pretty much the same so we decided on our one free Saturday this month that we would just have a girly shopping that is exactly what we did.

Yup there were chai tea lattes, hot chocolate and cake...definitely cake involved and an extremely nice lunch in The George in Petersfield Square.

We also discovered a lovely shop called Rainbows in The Folly market, beautiful clothes and lovely hippy/spiritual items :-)

The intention was to just relax and chill without thinking or talking about Kitchen Witch but of course we did and once we get started the ideas flow...we have some amazing ones to put together now!

And all day I kept seeing images of Ganesha and elephants as I have done for several weeks now, add that to the Bollywood dancing that keeps appearing in my meditations I finally did something about it.  This evening I made up a Ganesha inspired incense:

Cloves, cinnamon stick, cardamon, curry leaves, cumin seeds, a dried chilli and benzoin resin.

I burnt the incense, set up a picture of Ganesha and selected a crystal to represent him.  Somewhile later...

It seems Ganesha is with me to work on my intuition and psychic abilities  - to release the blocks I have in place and allow them to function properly.  He also requested that I make a witch bag/medicine bag to help me - so a leather pouch has been unearthed and I have already put one or two items into it...other bits and pieces will appear along my journey I am sure.

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