Sunday, 12 May 2013

faeries, harem pants and more busy, busy...

Had a wonderful day yesterday with the Kitchen Witch girls at The Magical Faerie Festival (run by The Magical Times magazine), made a few especially nice purchases at the stalls - I am now the proud owner of my first ever pair of harem pants...bizarre but extremely comfortable!

We also enjoyed an enlightening workshop with the fabulous Laura Daligan on Faerie Queens who took us on a meditation to meet our own Faerie Queen and a shamanic journey to meet our faerie guide.

The day was rounded off with much needed cake and lattes at Chi Coffee :-)

Today is a family day and we will be doing very little, maybe a game of cards, listen to some music that kind of thing, in preparation for what is shaping up to be a completely manic week ahead!

Next week holds such wonderful things as date day with hubby, development class, day out with my mum and brother, tarot/coffee morning at Chi Coffee and off to the Elen of Ways retreat, in amongst all that I have to fit work, school runs, writing, house work, cooking and anything else that needs to be done...think I will be very much in need of a retreat by the end of the week!

But let's face it if I didn't have all of that stuff going on I would get bored wouldn't I?

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