Saturday, 6 April 2013

What goes bump in the night?

I went along to a paranormal evening last night at the Portsmouth School Of Psychic Development what an amazing time!

We connected with spirit via glass work and pendulum and tapped into the energies of the earth/land that the building is situated on - with extremely interesting results.  We 'met' some very interesting characters and found out a lot of history about the site.

My spirit connection skills were a bit rusty but working with others helped me to 'find my feet' again and we seemed to bounce of off each other to make the connections.

We were guided through the whole evening and experienced people were on hand the whole time.

Added in was the fact that I met some lovely new people and also had a lot of laughs too.

The School runs lots of workshops and events, keep you eye on their facebook page for more details of upcoming might even see a familiar name there...;-)

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