Saturday, 27 April 2013

trust in the universe, things go wrong for a reason!

As some of you know we hold our Kitchen Witch off line rituals at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in the bottom field.

Yesterday evening I got a very apologetic email to say that there had been a double booking and we couldn't have the usual bottom field (beginning of the BBQ season!).  However they would find somewhere else within the park for us to use.  Now I have to admit I was a bit grumpy about this, but my lovely sisters in the Craft assured me that it was all happening for a good reason and not to fret.

But fret I did, it's in my nature when things don't go to plan!

However...this afternoon after a few 'lost in the woods' moments, everyone found our temporary site within the park and we had an amazing ritual (a huge thank you to everyone for persevering to find us).  I am extremely pleased to say we have met such lovely people :-)

And...the park suggested a new site for us to use, one that we could always use without fear of being double booked...and I take my top hat and my pointy hat off to my lovely sisters, I should have heeded their words because the new site is perfect, even more perfect than the original one.  Our new site has an amazing view across the valley, loads of space, and not one but two groves of trees, one of the groves being made of yew trees - amazing!

So thank you universe for reminding me to trust in you, even if things seem to go pear shaped for a brief is all for a purpose.

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