Thursday, 4 April 2013

teaching, learning and patience...;-)

I've had a psychic medium reading and a professional tarot reading lately and in my own meditations everything is leading me in the same direction...teaching...and that is very exciting.

Obviously I am already doing that with the Kitchen Witch School and with the Coven, my books and now with new workshops we will be running - all very exciting.

And with our lovely students at the school I also find that I learn with them, they learn from us and we in turn learn from them.

But in all honesty I am a bit of a certificate tart and a definite book witch, I love to study and learn about new things...but when you have been doing 'it' for as long as I have you sometimes hit a bit of a block as to what to learn next...there will be something as we are always learning...I am just suffering from my impatience waiting to find out what that 'next thing' will be for me!

I have three books out this year, one already, two more to go...and a couple of ideas for new ones...but even they are just lurking rather than crawling out to be written.

I've been through all my many, many books but nothing has leapt out at me, I have trawled the net looking for new courses...nothing inspires universe I am ready when you are!!

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