Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Multi coloured energy field and cake of course!

In the past couple of months I have had three people on separate occasions remark about my personal energy field (in a good way...I think!).

All three situations were different, in the first I was sitting quietly reading in a café (yes it was Chi Coffee LOL), the second time was in a reading and the third was during our Kitchen Witch Chakra Workshop at the weekend.

All three people said pretty much the same thing - my energy field is very strong and full of multi colours :-)

Because we had the chakra workshop on Sunday it made me think more about it, I LOVE that my energy field is so colourful, it is a part of what makes me ...well me!  As we had been working on and talking about chakras I realised that my energy field is at it's strongest and most colourful when I am in a 'centred and balanced' state.  Yay for balanced chakras! (thank you to Raven for balancing them on a regular basis for me...because I forget...).  Towards the end of the day on Sunday I felt my own energy lowering and it was noticed by another person that my field had muted, because of all the work we had done in the day and all the energy that was practically whizzing around the room, it affected my energy centres.

Although I have studied chakras and auras and worked with them both, it is only when someone points it out that I make the connection and have the confirmation that I am doing things right...well most of the time LOL

It was of course also suggested that my chakras are actually fuelled by cake...

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