Thursday, 25 April 2013

getting my Bollywood on...

Last night I attended a meditation evening at the Portsmouth School of Psychic Development run by Paul Cissell.

Had a fabulous evening, really relaxing atmosphere with some amazing music in the background and wonderful guided meditations.  I work much better with guided meditations, if I am left to my own devices the mind monkeys attack ;-)

We did several meditations and with each one, no matter what the scenery or setting I found myself wearing full Indian dress, beautiful sari complete with lots of gold bangles, huge earrings and a bindi on my forehead and throughout each meditation I danced Bollywood styley...all the way...through each one...non stop!

Hindu deity have been making themselves known to me for a while now, I believe last night was a big poke in the ribs to actually get on and do something with it!

Last night also left me with the reminder that the Universe usually knows best and it pays to listen to it, so today whilst I do have a huge 'to do' list I am not making any specific plans, I am going to go with the flow and let the day pan out as the Universe wishes it let's see what happens...

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