Thursday, 18 April 2013

Faffing, cake (always cake) and crystal grids

So this morning I woke up in a very indecisive mood, possibly a bit tired too (too many late nights and too many ultra busy days!).

I faffed about for a bit, got a few small jobs done, emails answered that kind of thing...then I decided what to cook for dinner (yes my mind usually wanders to food) needed a couple of bits so took a walk in the windy but sunny weather up to the shop, which just happens to be a couple of doors away from Chi Coffee so I popped in for a takeaway latte and cake (lemon & blueberry).

Meandered back home and decided to consume my cake and coffee in the conservatory, the sun was shining and it was beautifully warm in there.  Whilst sitting reading and eating I decided to make a crystal grid, so out came the boxes of crystals and I was guided by my intuition on what crystals I needed and where to put them...some time later, crystals all charged and grid made I sat down and played some singing bowl music and drifted off into meditation...a while later I came back to reality and realised it was just what I had needed (thank you Goddess for guiding me).

On reflection I have been ultra busy in the last few weeks, super ultra busy in actual fact, lots to do, lots on my mind, loads of ideas whizzing round, lots of planning under way...but I hadn't given myself time to breathe, time to just 'be' which is bad, because from experience I know that if I ignore the warning signs that the universe will arrange something to smack me around the head (sometimes literally).

Reminder to self: It is OK to take time off occasionally, in fact it is a MUST to keep you sane (well OK fairly sane) and balanced, emotionally, mentally and physically.  The 'to do' list will still be there and the world will  not end just because you took a few hours off...

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