Thursday, 28 March 2013


I'm not sure where this blog  post will lead to but the idea is in my head...

I was talking the other day with a friend about 'personas' and 'masks' especially in relation to social media such as facebook.

Are we truly ourselves on facebook?  Or do we put a mask on and become a different persona?

I have seen many facebook statuses that quite frankly 'air the dirty laundry' right across the internet, usually intimate details I could really do without reading about... but are they just being honest and themselves?  Is that wrong?  Is it not better than being all fluffy and bouncy on facebook but in reality a real grump dealing with lots of issues offline?

I'm not sure to be honest...

I have known one or two people that do literally bounce across facebook with fluffy "the world is a beautiful place and I am so lucky to be me" statuses all the time when I actually know for a fact off line they aren't like that at all...I think I find that difficult.

Personally I try to be 'me' whether I am talking to my close friends, people I have just  met or on my facebook page...I'm not sure I have a good enough memory to keep up a specific persona anyway LOL

I don't always achieve it, I still have some 'masks' but I think that is a good thing too, do you really want to know when I am having a totally awful day?  Do you want to listen to me whinge and gripe about a pet hate?  Probably not...

I think perhaps by having a personal blog, by writing books, by keeping up a regular appearance on facebook, by being part of the Kitchen Witch leadership team, by being a part of regular rituals and  workshops I am actually putting myself 'out there' and on the front line anyway - warts and all ;-)

Why do I do all that?  Well, I hope in some small way that things I do and say might help people, that others might learn from the experiences that I share, and from the mistakes I make too, I am just following my own spiritual journey and where it leads me...a part of the journey so far has been to 'get out into the world' and I have been rewarded by meeting some amazing people and making new friends and learning from others along the way.

So ... no you won't see facebook statuses from me that are worthy of Jeremy Kyle (because quite frankly my life isn't like that...thankfully) - I will share with you what is happening in my world, and I will be honest about it, hopefully what you see with me is what you get.

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