Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Moments of wonder...

I was in the school playground yesterday waiting outside the classroom to collect our youngest...lots of mums (and a few dads) and lots of children running around and a lot of pushchairs with babies and toddlers in.

One toddler in a funky bright green pushchair caught my eye, he wasn't playing with any toys, he was just sitting back all snug tucked up in his blanket...watching...

His eyes were wide and he was taking in his whole surroundings, every movement or sound around him prompted his eyes to open wider and his head to turn in that direction.  Everything, every little sound or movement was a wonder to him, he took in everything with a sense of awe.

It was a lesson...that we should stop occasionally and just sit and look around us, take in everything that is going on, all the sounds, all the sights, all the smells, but to actually stop, if only for a few brief moments out of our busy day just to appreciate the world around us and all that is within it.

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