Friday, 15 March 2013

Books, workshops, goddesses and spring

Not sure where this week went?'s been busy - lots of new students at the Kitchen Witch Online School, my first book Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft is doing well and is just about to sell out for the second time on Amazon :-) and this weekend is a quiet family one, well...quiet maybe tomorrow but then we have to rip up lots of laminate flooring to make way for a new carpet (involving moving furniture in the room with the heaviest and largest pieces of furniture)...

I also got news today that my second book Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch is now available for pre-order on Amazon UK - it is still very weird to type your own name into Amazon and have books come up!

The Kitchen Witch Chakra workshop is nearly full, which is very exciting - really looking forward to working with everyone on that...oh and having cake and coffee in my favourite cafe, Chi Coffee too of course!

If you have read my blog before you will know that my Patron (or should that be Matron?) Goddess is the Cailleach, but each year she gives me a different deity to work with for the summer months, this year she has directed me to work with Astarte so I was thinking last weekend about taking down my Cailleach altar and replacing it...when it snowed ... guess the Cailleach wasn't quite ready to step into the background just yet!  The dang snow (and eldest child being poorly) did put paid to my planned visit to Glastonbury this week, but that will happen soon.

Spring is on its must be...we had rain today, but the crocus are out and the sky has been blue this week and I am pretty sure a couple of times I spotted that big yellow thing up in the sky...once or twice.


  1. I Rachel, this is Angie Mello from the USA (Mike's sister-in-law). I just started reading your Kitchen Witchcraft book and love it and just ordered another copy to give to a friend. I also will be pre-ordering your second book, Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch. I am going shopping soon to look for some Goddess, Fairy or Witch decals for my kitchen and have found just the right little flat stand for my alter. Take care and I'll bring my books with me the next time we are in the UK for you to sign them for me. Angie

  2. Hi Angie :-)

    Aww bless you, glad you liked the book.

    I shall have my pen at the ready next time you visit! LOL



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