Monday, 18 March 2013

A morning of mediumship...

I had a wonderfully interesting experience this morning as I had a reading from a Medium....very intriguing experience indeed.

I visited the Portsmouth School Of Psychic Development for my reading with Psychic Medium Paul Cissell.

Paul was extremely welcoming and immediately made me feel at ease, the room we sat in was comfortable and set a good atmosphere. 

Over the next hour several of my spirit relatives came to chat and pass on advice and messages - all spot on and all extremely enlightening.  And to add to the experience Paul records the reading onto CD so I get to listen to it again at home and check out any parts that I missed or couldn't quite remember.

Paul also holds monthly meditation sessions, psychic development courses, mediumship evenings and various other workshops - a lot of which I will be investigating further!

Check out Paul's website for details of readings and events, also see the facebook page for the Portsmouth School of Psychic Development to be kept up to date on events and workshops.

A very pleasant, interesting and highly recommended experience.

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