Friday, 15 February 2013

Surprising sacred spaces...and green lizards...

A lot of people that meditate will have a 'sacred space' that they have created in their heads, a safe and relaxing scenario that they go to when they meditate, to connect with the divine, to meet their spirit guides or just to relax and I am no different.

For a long time I have had the same sacred place, it is actually an image of a real place, a field and river from behind the house I lived in for a large part of my childhood, it even has the brightly coloured houseboats that were on the real river.

I also have a scene that I visit in my mind when I connect with the Cailleach, hers is rolling green pastures strewn with rocks lying between high mountains and during the winter it is usually covered with snow.

But recently my mind has taken me to a new sacred is a wooden shack situated right on the beach in the Caribbean.  It is a basic hut with one main room housing a bed, a desk and a chair, with a small shower room and a kitchen leading off from the central room.  The main room also has two sets of double doors that open out onto a long veranda that looks over the sand.   For anyone that watches the BBC series 'Death in Paradise' this might sound terribly familiar and it is...straight from that TV programme to my head, complete with the green lizard that appears regularly in the show too - he is in my sacred space as well.

Now a TV show is possibly one of the last places I would look to for a sacred space scenario, but there it is, stuck quite firmly in my head and it is one of the most beautiful and relaxing meditation places I have ever visited, and I love the lizard too.

So...don't dismiss any sources for sacred might just be surprised...


  1. Where exactly is this house located?

    1. As it says in the text of the blog - from the TV show Death in Paradise! I believe it is situated in Guadelupe.


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