Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Must read those books...

I LOVE books...

I have a Kindle that has 645 books on it...most of which I have downloaded for free - some have been excellent, some not so much and no I haven't read all 645 yet...

But I do love 'real' books especially and I do have a LOT.  Probably split equally between  witchcraft/pagan non fiction books and fantasy fiction with a few classics thrown in for good measure (Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and all the Roald Dahl to name a few).   I always buy a real book if one of my favourite authors has a new book out, I have a paperback copy and a hardback copy of every single Terry Pratchett book for instance :-)

With the fiction books I tend to read them straight away (especially if it is a Pratchett one which usually gets read cover to cover in one sitting) but I find with the non fiction books I buy them because they look interesting or because I am researching a particular subject, it arrives, I have a flick through it and maybe read the odd page or two then it often gets put on the shelf and left there...looking pretty.

I am also a bit of a book Nazi...folding over corners of pages is a serious crime in our house ;-)  Books are meant to be cared for, cherished and looked after.

One of the challenges I have set myself for this year is to actually read, cover to cover, all of the non fiction Craft books that I have, I am sure there must be some amazing information inside those covers that I am missing out on.

So wish me luck...I've made a list...and I am on a mission...


  1. I am so the same with books. No way do you fold pages. :) Been reading since I was 3...now 41. Also do the non-fiction thing as well. But have a few dozen books in general. Nothing beats a real book that's for sure. The smell, feel of paper as you go into another world. :)

  2. LOL, I love the "real" books too, but I am the exact opposite. You can tell the non-fiction or metaphysical books that I enjoyed because there are notes written in the margins and underlines and exclamation points and asterisks all over the place. You can tell the fiction books that I enjoyed because there are many page corners folded over, from many readings of the book. I have a friend whose books are pristine, and she would never lend me even one; do you blame her? I don;t.

    Do I have a Kindle? Yup, also filled with many free books that I haven't had the time to read yet. But there is something about holding a much-loved book, cracking spine and bent or marked-up pages and all, in my hands. Like putting on a pair of worn yet comfortable slippers.

    Now, all we need is a nice cup of tea, a comfy chair, and a cozy fire!

  3. You are right, nothing beats a real book! I do have quite a few text books that I have worked from but I just can't bring myself to write on them...so they are full of lots of sticky post it notes with scribblings on LOL


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