Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Expanding, workshops and money

2013 is fast becoming the year I thought it would, continually pushing me out of my box perhaps not of comfort but expanding my experiences and it's all a bit exciting.

Interviews and invites to speak to groups of pagans - eep!  How fantabulous!

And at Kitchen Witch we are looking at running some workshops this year too, the lovely Chi Cafe in North End is going to supply the workspace for us and we are currently writing, designing and putting together our first one - more details to follow!

The question that has arisen today is what to charge for a workshop?

It is an age old query - should pagans/witches/mediums/tarot readers charge for their services, shouldn't it all be free?

Well in an ideal world it would be lovely to have everything for free or even on a barter system, but honey it's the real world and that just ain't feasible.

Everyone has to make a living, everyone's time is valuable and for the workshops we are looking at holding refreshments and all materials needed will be supplied - so we do have costs that need covering otherwise we will be out of pocket.

I posed the question on the Kitchen Witch facebook page - what would people expect/be happy to pay and the responses (thank you everyone) were incredibly varied from "why would you have to charge" right up to $150/£98 - wow!!

So I will sit and work out all our costs of materials and refreshments and take it from there, we want to make it as accessible to people as possible.

So it won't be free...because we have to feed and clothe the witchlets but it will be fair!

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