Monday, 7 January 2013

goals, challenges and transparent oracle cards

I am not really one for making New Year resolutions...mainly because I don't have the will power to keep to them...however I do like to start a new year by setting myself some goals and challenges.  Some of them last past the first week...if I am lucky ;-)

One of the goals I have set myself is to become more familiar with my transparent oracle set of cards (by Emily Carding) that I was gifted back in October.    I love the idea of these cards, they are made from transparent plastic with beautiful images drawn onto them, the process being that you draw at least three cards and layer them up so that you get a beautiful mandala type image.  Each card has it's own meaning and they are linked to the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Above, Below and Within, which all add to the reading.

So here is today's draw of three:

Soul, transformation, awareness, beauty, potential, sacrifice.
A symbol of transformation and inspiration she aligns with the element of Air.
Butterfly can help us look at the bigger picture in our lives and help us to rise above the less significant  details, which in some cases can hold us back.

The next two cards are from the 'below' section of the deck - the spiritual realm beneath our feet offering wisdom, guides and the opportunity to strengthen our roots so that our branches may reach even higher.  Drawn with the Butterfly these cards represent the deeper aspects of sacrifice and the resulting spiritual evolution it affords.

Grail Hollows: The Cauldron
Abundance, healing, initiation, transformation, rebirth, inspiration.
The cauldron of Dagda which represents a divine healer and provider of the soul's need.
A source of inspired knowledge, initiation, healing and nourishment, the Cauldron provides what is most needed for the self and the greater self that is the land, to be whole.

Grail Hollows: The Stone
Responsibility, sovereignty, knowledge, tradition, immortality.
This card represents the element of Earth and the Stone is a symbol of long lived tradition and responsibility. The stone also stands for good judgement, worthy traditions and the power to enter the deepest mysteries through the asking of a well placed question.

Hmmmm interesting reading...


  1. I love my Transparent Oracle deck, and I post a reading from it every Sunday in my blog, The cool thing is that you can stack them. Lay your cards on top of each other, and you will create a mandala that could add to your reading.


  2. I haven't used this oracle in so long! I was reading a fantasy novel that talked about Sylphs and other elementals and it reminded me of this deck.


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