Monday, 17 December 2012

Stonehenge, initiation, wonderful gifts and rainbows

Saturday saw me at Stonehenge with my sisters in the Craft and the lovely Dorset Grove

It also saw me initiate into the Dorset last...

I have been a part of the Dorset Grove for a couple of years now and did intend to initiate last year but things got in the way, so it all happened on Saturday and at the wonderful Stonehenge too.

We were lucky with the weather for the most part, it was a bit chilly but the rain held off until the end...when it turned into hailstones LOL

It is lovely being in amongst the stones and we were joined as usual by plenty of crows.

I do believe initiation should be taken very seriously and should be something that you don't take on lightly.  Initiation is a death of the old 'you' and replaced by your new 'life', a death and rebirth.  For a lot of initiates it is a dedication to follow the path whether it be druidry, witchcraft or whatever, a promise to be open to learn the ways and secrets of that tradition.

I think for me, my initiation Saturday was more of a dedication to the Grove, a promise to give them my continued loyalty, support and friendship not only to the Grove as a whole but to each and every member.

Whilst it was a very uncomfortable feeling to be led around the outside of the henge with my head covered and my hands bound (both symbolically) I was guided by my two Guardians - Raven and Sunchylde.  The girls did cackle quite a lot and apologise for warning me about the pot hole...after I fell into it... ;-) I was relieved when we got back into the circle.     I did notice that as I was saying my oath a huge crow started to caw...the Cailleach letting me know she was there watching me.

I am blessed to have been gifted after my initiation was complete with the most beautiful carved Yew staff and an amazing blue cloak.  I am indeed pampered.

And afterwards as we walked back to the car park one of the attendees stopped me and said "do you know when you knelt for your initiation and gave your oath a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky behind you?"  -  how wonderful :-)


  1. I really like your blog and congratulations on your initiation. Its funny, because I've been thinking that I am ready for an initiation and was hit in the face with how unprepared I am! So I guess that will have to be a goal down the road. Which is fine, I'm relieved that I got the message before attempting a solitary initiation ritual. I may try a Dedication instead, which is serious but for novices and maybe it would give me incentive to continue down the path I have chosen: Druidry. Though I'm so in love with it that I doubt I need much more encouragement. ;) I read your blog about Aine (I'm getting familiar with the God and Goddesses of the Celtic Pantheon) and I really appreciated the in depth analysis of her that you gave. Though I guess the best way to know her is to introduce myself to her and see where it goes from there. I'm just not sure if I should do that now or wait until spring or summer, as she isn't really a Winter deity. But I am wanting to connect with the Fey again, so another reason I am drawn to her.

    Bright Blessings.

  2. Thank you!

    I think a dedication is a wonderful idea, I dedicated myself to the path many years ago when I first started out. I love working with Aine and I would say if she is making herself known to you, no matter what the time of the year is...go with it. :-)


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