Monday, 10 December 2012

A city witch's driving rituals...

I spent the day yesterday with my sisters in the Craft, we looked at Christmas decorations, wandering around a witchy shop and then spent most of the time sitting in a little cafe eating cake and drinking hot chocolate - fabulous!  I am blessed that two of my close friends live within driving distance.  It's not as nice as being just round the corner when I could pop in for a cuppa but it takes me just under an hour to get to them which isn't too bad.

The Dorset Grove group that I belong to hold their rituals at Knowlton which is just over an hours drive from me and the Kitchen Witch rituals are held at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park which is a twenty minute drive from me.

I live on the edge of a big city and I do love where I live, everything is within easy reach - family, friends, shops, ten minutes drive in one direction takes me to the ocean and ten minutes drive in the other direction takes me to the woods...oh and all the takeaways deliver ;-)

But do you notice the theme here?  The word 'drive'.   I can walk into the local village and get most bits I need, the library and schools are also within walking distance but pretty much everything else involves driving.

But that's OK...because I realised yesterday on my drive back from Basingstoke that I incorporate the drive to and from my social visits and the rituals into the whole experience.

When I drive to Knowlton for a ritual I usually listen to something like ACDC, Fleetwood Mac or Meatloaf, something that builds up my energy and puts me into the right frame of mind for the ritual.  Yesterday when I went to meet the girls I listened to festive music to 'set the scene'.  The drive allows me to get into the right mindset and to go over the ritual in my head before I arrive.

I drive to the Knowlton rituals eight times a year (sometimes more if we have extra rituals at Stonehenge) but each journey is a few weeks apart and allows me to watch as the Wheel turns, I can observe the changing of the seasons, the trees turning colour, the leaves falling, the frost, the snow, the sunshine.  Yesterday afternoon I happened to be driving home as dusk settled in, I got to watch as the sky started to turn beautiful colours as the sun began to set.

These journeys help me to connect with the season, to see nature unfolding in front of me (whilst watching the road as well of course).

So although I might be a city Kitchen Witch I think I am very lucky to be situated where I am - for me I have the best of both worlds, or all worlds...

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