Monday, 5 November 2012

The Kitchen Witch Samhain ritual

On Saturday I had the pleasure of joining my Kitchen Witch sisters to host a Samhain ritual in the beautiful setting of the Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Slightly concerned as I woke up to torrential rain but thankfully it soon subsided.

The park was glorious, the trees all dressed in their Autumn finery along with a clear blue sky :-)

We were joined by some fabulously lovely people and the energy in the circle was amazing.

Note: Next time we need to beef up on the incense, cones just don't cut it out in the middle of a field LOL

We drummed, we raised energy for healing, we remembered our ancestors and loved ones that have passed over, we ate cream cakes (thank you Sgt Bun bakery) and we performed - in the loosest sense of the word...a bit of Shakespeare's three witches scene.

All in all a very lovely day, we thank everyone that joined us from the bottom of our hearts, it would not have been the same without you all.


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