Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Internal debates, mince pies and my Goddess figure

I have had an internal debate going on inside my head for a couple of months now and it is about the age old size/weight issue.

I am currently a UK size 14 but on the larger end of the size 14 scale...having put on about a stone in the past year.  The question is does it bother me enough to do something about it? AND do I really need to be worrying or doing anything about it?...OK that was two questions but you get the idea.

I am by no means obese, I don't even consider myself fat, although the fashion industry would, I consider myself to be 'normal' size.

If I could just wave my magic wand and be any size I wanted would I be a size zero? Not on your life...I wouldn't actually want to be anything lower than a 12 or 14 to be perfectly honest, I personally like my shape to be that of a woman not a coat hanger.  And the work and effort that it would take to maintain my personal body at a size zero would be my idea of a living nightmare.

So why is it preying on my mind?...I am not actually sure.  My clothes all still fit but I have that nagging urge to wear longer shirts and tops to cover my midrift that I wouldn't have done when I was a stone lighter. Why?  I have no idea.

I do not spend my entire day laying on the sofa watching day time TV and eating donuts - possibly because I am not that fussed about donuts ;-),  but I do like food, actually I don't just like food I love food.  I love the whole process - growing food, preparing menus, prepping food, cooking food and eating it.

I don't live on takeaways, processed food and ready meals, I do actually cook nearly everything from scratch, I buy organic and free range when I can and I have an organic vegetable box delivered regularly.  So in the main my eating is healthy but I do love chocolate and puddings and especially at this time of the year...mince pies and Christmas pudding.

It is true I do not exercise as such - I walk to school and back every day but to be honest that is about it.  I did spend three or four months last year doing a regular exercise routine...until I put my knee out and that was the end of that.  And no, I do not like exercise...

So my dilemma is, do I cut back?  I certainly won't diet because that is not how I roll, the idea of counting calories and fat, checking, weighing and measuring sends chills up my spine - "that is no way to live" my brain, heart and stomach cry...

But I do perhaps need to cut out all the extra munchies...and that is fairly easy to do...but the dilemma is how on earth can you do that at this time of the year?...the answer is I can't and I don't want to...so it will have to wait until January.

So in writing this blog I have solved my dilemma and answered my own questions - enjoy the festive season, eating healthy meals but adding a few treats in such as mince pies and Christmas pud, don't go to the excess but enjoy it, then come January I can cut out the treats and just eat lovely healthy food for a while until the few extra pounds are gone.

In the meantime shall embrace my Goddess shaped figure :-)

If you are a size zero,  an 8, a 16, a 20, a 22 - in fact whatever size you are, as long as it is not affecting your health in an adverse manner BE HAPPY BEING YOU!

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