Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A little bit of Hoodoo...

I am currently very excited to be halfway through writing my third book to be published with Moon Books this one will be another in the fabulous Pagan Portals series, this time it is an introduction to the wonderful magical practice of Hoodoo.

I stumbled upon Hoodoo a few years back and was immediately drawn into it and pleasantly surprised at how much it connects and overlaps with traditional European folk magic.  I now incorporate it into my own witchcraft practices and it melds very nicely.

Not to be confused with the religion Voodoo/Voodoun, Hoodoo is the name for African American folk magic.

Hoodoo was established during the times of slavery in America using the native plants and items available to the people at the time and probably taking a little knowledge from the Native Americans too and bits of European folk magic as well.

It is a practice of magic based on healing using herbs, plants, roots, stones, minerals and such like combined with chants, rituals and handmade items.

It does also come with its fair share of curses and jinxes (hexes).

So if I am quiet for a while it is because I am buried beneath Orishas, Florida Water, Hot Foot Powder and Mojo bags...

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