Monday, 22 October 2012

What does a witch wear?

Yesterday I met up with the lovely Raven and Sunchylde to write our Kitchen Witch Samhain ritual (and do some drumming and scrying...oh yes and eat yummy food and laugh a lot).

We got talking about what a witch wears.   We are asked this question quite a lot "what do I wear to be a witch?" - and our answer is always "whatever you happen to be wearing" - and that's the truth it.

It doesn't matter if you live in jeans and sweatshirts or full on velvet medieval dresses - being a Witch is in your heart and soul not in the outfits that you wear.

Now I have to admit in my younger days I had different wardrobes for different people or occasions - I had smart suits to wear to work, rock chick gear to wear to my husband's gigs, (and this next one will make my sister in law laugh) a trendy wardrobe for when I went out with my sister in law and then my hippy/witchy wardrobe because that is the style that I have always loved - a kind of Goth meets Stevie Nicks look.

Over the years I have stopped worrying about 'fitting in' with my surroundings, experience and life has taught me to be ME and not worry about matching my outfit to those around me, but to wear what I feel comfortable in - so I only have one wardrobe now and I have to admit it is made up from quite a lot of floaty dresses and a huge amount of velvet ;-)

I don't wear jeans very often, in fact it scares my besties when I do - they don't like me looking 'normal' LOL - I don't feel comfortable in jeans, I am most at home in a long floaty skirts and dresses, not because I am a witch but because I am ME.

I do however like to make an effort when I am in ritual, I dress according to the season and the Sabbat and I wear my cloak and circlet or top hat - to me that is a mark of respect to deity.  But I didn't always have ritual wear, when I didn't I just made an effort to look nice for the occasion.

So even if I am the odd looking mum at the school gates wearing a full length purple velvet dress I don't care, I am me being me.

Whether you live in jeans or look like a witch clothing store sneezed on you - it doesn't matter...if you are a Witch then you are a Witch whatever you are wearing :-)


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