Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sacred gourds, spiral dances and home made witches...

Phew...that was a busy weekend, fun but busy.

On Saturday I attended the Samhain ritual with the Dorset Grove at Knowlton.

It was a dry day but VERY windy.

Last week the Arch Druid had asked me if I would like to respond to the Gatekeeper at the beginning of the ritual...

"Love to" I said
"Make sure you answer respectfully, honourably and spiritually" he said.

So we start the procession up to the Saxon ruin to meet the Gatekeeper and when we do he asks me who wishes to pass.

I reply in a very respectful and I thought honourable manner, that we were the Dorset Grove and that we came with pure hearts and pure spirits and wished to pass to celebrate Samhain and honour our ancestors.

To which the reply came:

"Well do you have any gold, or silver, money? jewels?"

"um"... was my response...

There then followed a hilarious scene from Monty Python which involved a 'sacred gourd' and much laughter - many thanks to Dennis and Ian for 'catching me out'.

There were so many lovely people at the ritual and the energy was AMAZING, thank you to everyone for joining us.

We shared a spiral dance (which thankfully didn't end up in total chaos), marzipan acorns, hot spiced wine, a fantastic 'make a witch' skit (thanks to Dennis, Rita and Amani) which involved throwing 'witches powder' and 'newts eyeballs' at everyone and shooting those in the circle with water pistols...fantastic :-)

It was a beautiful ritual which involved lots of celebration, honouring of our ancestors and laughs with friends.


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  1. it was the best ritual yet and everyone brought their own kind magic to the circle, without them all, we would not have had a ritual
    Ian (Wildfox)


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