Monday, 8 October 2012

Getting the balance right and apologies...

I have received so many invitations by lovely groups to some wonderful moots, meetings and rituals.

The sad thing is, I can't make it to all of them - much as I would love to.

It's all about getting the balance right...

I have a wonderful husband and two fabulous young children and I love to spend time with them but I am also a Witch, High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven and a member of the Dorset Grove Druids along with being a Team Leadership member of the Kitchen Witch School, a new author with two books due to be released in 2013 and  I have a part time secretarial job too...

So it's about fitting everything in so that everyone is happy and everything gets done.

I got my diary out today to organise a get together with my lovely sisters in the Craft from the Kitchen Witch leadership team ... I only had two free Saturdays to offer them for the rest of 2013 - that's mad.

Hopefully I get the balance right most of the time, but it is unfortunately those invites to the other rituals and moots that I lose out on - and I am really sorry, my apologies to all those that have invited me, I do hope to get to them, I really do, if you are kind enough to keep inviting me.


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