Thursday, 11 October 2012

Full diary, bullies, tarot and pumpkins...

Life seems to be going at about 100 miles an hour at the moment or at least it feels like it...but it is all good :-)

My diary for the rest of 2012 is now pretty much full, an invitation came in today with the request "shall we put a date in the diary for 2013 before that gets full up too?".

My gorgeous hubby has just asked me if I have a lot to do today, to which I answered actually not really, a couple of tarot readings that I want to do this morning but pretty much everything else on my to do list is not hyper urgent.  So he suggested I have a 'me' day - bless him.

The draft book cover for my first book Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft came in yesterday and it has a toad on it which made me laugh ... I will share the image with you once it has been signed off.

I also received the most wonderful endorsement for my second book Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch :-)

This week we have dealt with our daughter being bullied at school which was totally unpleasant but I have to say dealt with by the school in the most professional, thoughtful and considerate way and it was all dealt with speedily.

I put together a medicine bag for her to keep in her blazer pocket, I asked what colour made her think of courage and she answered 'yellow', then I asked what colour made her think of protection and she said 'pink' so her medicine bag has pink and yellow crystals in.

And the wonderful Riverford Organics delivered a big box of beautiful pumpkins today, they are so pretty I am not sure I will be able to carve or eat them...

This week has been one of getting soaking wet on many occasions, dealing with bullies, being excited about the book process, chatting with good friends, spending time with my lovely family, building up for Samhain and even a touch of preparing for Yule.

So I shall do my tarot readings (for our lovely Kitchen Witch School students) and then go meditate for a while...I will see what the rest of the day presents to me after that.

Have a lovely day people.


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