Saturday, 6 October 2012

Book titles, manuscripts and twiddling thumbs...

So I submitted the the manuscript for Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch last night...all proof read, but I am very sure that the lovely editors will spot all my mistakes LOL

Deciding on the final title was the hardest part (thank you to everyone on facebook that gave me their input, it was very much appreciated).

And today was a weird kind of book to write...what to do?

It is a very strange feeling, with the Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft done, submitted, final proof agreed, just waiting for the cover now before printing and now the Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch submitted - what do I do now?

Well have a day off was the first thought...and tomorrow will be spent decorating my youngest's bedroom - back to mundane stuff...

I guess now I just play the patience game...until I have some release dates to work with and then it all gets exciting again - and I can drive you lot nuts again with book blogs LOL

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.


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