Monday, 17 September 2012

mixed bags, rituals and cake of course

Well this past weekend has been a bit of a mixed bag.

Friday saw me being hit by my old arch enemy Ulcerative Colitis, having been in remission for a good couple of years now and having not had a bad attack for much, much longer than that - it got me good 'n proper.

However Saturday was a lovely day spent with the Dorset Grove not only being a part of the Mabon ceremony at Knowlton Henge but also being part of a hand fasting for a lovely, lovely couple and the sun shone down on us the whole time...oh yes and there was cake, much cake.

I was also gifted some magical items at the weekend, one of which was an altar table which after much furniture re-arranging (and sighs of despair from my extremely patient husband of "not another altar?") I now have a new altar in the living room and I am extremely pleased with it.

Today has been spent tidying up after the weekend and working on what I need to do to get the UC into check - this afternoon will see me doing a chakra assessment (shortly followed by a chakra balance) and I have already meditated today on the issues surrounding it - lack of spiritual work on myself being one of the key issues.  I spend so much time writing and reading about spiritual work I forget sometimes that I actually need to DO IT too.

So I am off to swing my pendulum and be horrified at how out of whack my chakras are and to re-balance them before my sister Kitchen Witches tell me off...;-)

Sending you all blessings of Mabon ♥


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