Monday, 24 September 2012

Lovely weather, lovely people, chewy apple slices ;-)

The Kitchen Witch Coven hosted our first off line ritual on Saturday and it could not have been any better.

The setting was beautiful - Queen Elizabeth Country Park in a field on the edge of a forest, the weather was amazing - too warm for a cloak and so many lovely people turned up :-)

We were nervous that it might just be the three of us there, but we need not have given it a second thought, people came, people joined in and people were lovely.

Oh and we had cake, courtesy of Sgt Bun the Bakers which were yummy.

I always feel a bit sorry for the Autumn Equinox, we celebrate the Summer Solstice and Lughnassadh with great gusto but then we seem to jump straight to planning for Samhain, but we did the Autumn Equinox proud on Saturday.

Note to self for next time:  When giving out dried apple slices - mention from the start that they are symbolic and to be kept on an altar or shelf, otherwise people eat them LOL

Huge thank you to everyone that joined us on Saturday, we  ♥ you all.


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