Thursday, 20 September 2012

Endorsements and another book...

It has been a good week on the book front...

Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft now has several endorsements from wonderful authors:

Melusine Draco, Mark Carter, Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone, Tylluan Penry and Siusaidh Ceanadach and publishing is progressing with a publish date estimated of Jan/Feb 2013.

And then this morning I signed a contract with Moon Books for my second book...yep I am going to bore you all to tears with lots more blogs about another book too LOL.

The second book has the working title of 'A Kitchen Witch's Notebook':

This book is essentially my life and how I live and work as a kitchen witch. It is my Book of Shadows, my Kitchen Witch’s Grimoire. It covers what it means to be a kitchen witch, how we work, what we do and how we celebrate the turning of the seasons. It is packed full of information about all sorts of subjects from a breakdown of rituals to reading auras, along with meditations, recipes for oils, incenses and spells and a huge amount of crafts to make for each Sabbat.

For those new to witchcraft it will lead the reader step by step through all aspects of the craft but also for the more experienced as it can be used as a reference manual and also as a 'go to' book for meditations, correspondences, crafts and magical recipes.


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