Thursday, 13 September 2012

Authorship Comradery

I have made some lovely new friends and I have to say it is wonderful.

How did I make them?

Doing something that I was a bit nervous about.

See... I got three lines into the blog before I mentioned my new book ;-)

I made new friends because I have been asked by the Publisher to seek out some authors to give endorsements on the new book.  My publisher sent me a list of suggested authors to contact and it turns out that I have all but one of them on my facebook friends list (thank you facebook).

So this morning was spent sending out begging messages, well OK not begging as such but the type of message that goes along the lines of "you have never heard of me, but can you do me a favour".

I had an immediate response from the incredibly lovely and talented Cat Treadwell, what a wonderful lady :-)  in fact if you want to read up on druidry her blog is The Catbox and her book A Druid's Tale is now on my wish list.

I also realised that I have had facebook 'chat's with two other Moon Books authors as well - and both of them were wonderfully friendly and supportive.  Harmonia Saille is fabulous, check out her website for details of her books and Mark Carter has a new book out you might want to check out Stalking the Goddess

I have to say I am loving this 'authorship comradery' not sure if that is a phrase but I like it.   These authors are way out of my league but have taken the time to chat and be extremely pleasant and encouraging to a newbie and for that I am extremely grateful.  I hope I can repay their kindness at some point.

Why do I need endorsements?  Well endorsements from talented authors means the book is good and that will help to increase sales and if it sells then there is a good chance of getting a contract for a follow up book...


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