Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ancestors Altar

I have to admit having had two nights with very little sleep I have not achieved very much today at all.

However I have set up my Ancestors Altar.   It has come around to that time of the year, I can smell it in the air, I can feel it in my bones - tis the Season of the Witch and that means Samhain, the thinning of the veil between the worlds and a time to honour those that have passed before us.

I am lucky enough to have copies of photographs of both sets of grandparents from their wedding, a few odd family photos of my grandparents when they were much younger and photographs of my maternal great grandparents.  These are all now sitting on an altar that I covered with a black cloth.

I have added a brooch that was my grandmothers and an RAF badge from my great uncle.  I am also going to add some jewellery from my paternal grandmother and a watch from my paternal grandfather along with a certificate from the war for my maternal grandfather (borrowing them from my mum).

I also added some crystals to help connect with the spirit world.

I love looking at the old photos - my grandfather when he got married looks about 45 with the suit and brylcreem hair, but I bet he was half that age LOL.  My great grandmother is wearing the most amazing hat in her photo and my great grandfather has a wonderful handlebar moustache.


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