Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Re-reads, highlighter pens and apologies to the rain forests

I was dropping off to sleep last night when all of a sudden I had an idea about some text to add to the book manuscript - I jumped up and wrote a note for myself to remember in the morning - get me, being all author type ;-)

I have printed off the manuscript, I thought it might help to actually see it in paper format to spot any mistakes or parts that don't flow.

I am surprised how much I care about how this book turns out, I really want it to work and to be right.  I am usually a kind of gun ho, yep it's done, let's get moving with it kind of girl, but with this I have become very cautious all of a sudden, perhaps even hesitant to let it go in case it's not quite ready.

Once I do let the manuscript out of my sticky claws it will then be edited by someone who actually knows what they are doing and it will then come back to me for the final 'yea' so I guess there is still time for me to brood and read and re-read before it goes to print. know it's only a small book, Goddess knows how I would be if it were a novel.

So I am now armed with a pile of paper (apologies to the rain forests) and a vivid highlighter pen and I shall go find somewhere quiet and comfy to sit and read it over (again)...


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