Friday, 10 August 2012

manuscript ...still, exciting endorsement and radio interview *gulp*

No I haven't submitted the manuscript yet LOL

But I will...very wonderful hubby is reading through it for me, highlighter pen in hand, just to get another fresh set of eyes on it.  Then I promise I will submit it.

However the next step of the process was to obtain if possible, an endorsement or two for the book.  Eeek! Being a first time author this looked like it was going to be tricky, who on earth did I know that I felt I could approach to write an endorsement?

Then I had a spark of inspiration, of course, why didn't I think of it from the start?  The wonderful Tylluan Penry.

I first saw Tylluan at Witchfest a couple of years ago speaking on the main stage.  I was struck by her from the start, she encapsulates for me what it is to be a witch.  She spoke to everyone that day from the heart with wise and well chosen words and made us laugh too.

So feeling a little bit embarrassed about asking I sent Tylluan an email.   I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a wonderfully positive reply within a few minutes - yay!! *dances around the living room*.  Several email exchanges later I had sent the manuscript which Tylluan had read and sent me back the most amazing endorsement *blushes* I was extremely honoured.

Along with the endorsement I also received an invitation from Tylluan to be interviewed for her radio show when the book is launched - eeeeeep!  Whilst I am completely freaked out about the idea, I also think it is good to push outside the boundaries of your comfort zone occasionally so I thanked Tylluan very much and agreed *gulp* watch out for more details closer to the time.

I have blogged about Tylluan over on the Kitchen Witch blog before click here to see the blog feature on Tylluan  and I have also blogged a review on her last book Magic on the Breath here  in fact she has a new book coming out this weekend - Staying on the Old Track.  You can purchase all her books via Amazon or from thewolfenhowlepress website


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