Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Here be dragons...

I was writing recently about dragon magic and how powerful and wonderful it is and how having a dragon totem is fantastic, I also wrote about connecting regularly with your dragon totem and then realised  (and also had it pointed out to me LOL) that  I was neglecting my own dragon totems.

So today shall be a day of dragon work.

I am blessed with two dragon totems, one large fire dragon - well I had to have a fire dragon really didn't I with my craft name...he only appears when I am really struggling or when I have been ignoring all the warning signs.  A huge shadow appears on the ground and he looms up behind me, scaly front legs crossed and the claws on his back foot tapping and I know I am in trouble.

My other dragon totem is much smaller and blue in colour, he came to me at a ritual in Stonehenge a while back.  He is a baby dragon, just learning all about being a Guardian.

And for those of you still with me that haven't decided that I am a complete fruit loop seeing dragons all around me...

Dragons come in many shapes, sizes and colours, they are hugely powerful and can provide protection, support and wisdom.  They are ancient creatures with vast amounts of knowledge to draw upon, not to mention the power they have when aiding you in magical workings.

Dragon totems can provide support, advice and strength.   Calling upon dragons to be Guardians in ritual can lend all the powers of the elements.  Using dragon power in your magical workings adds huge power to it.

By the end of the day I may be slightly scorched around the edges but I will be happy and connected to my dragon power.


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