Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Finally submitted, waiting and thinking caps...

I have finally parted with my book manuscript (at last I hear you cry), it came to the point where I couldn't read it or check it any more than I had so now it has been released into the capable hands of the copy editor.

And now I have to's not something that I am particularly good at but I will try my best LOL

This is only the beginning of the process now though, it has to be checked by the copy editor and then finally signed off, the book cover design has to be made, the back cover has to be written, and advertising and promotion ideas need to be put in place.

Better get my thinking cap on...

Pagan Portals - Kitchen Witchcraft
which will be published in the next few months by Moon Books

The book is a dip into the world of being a Kitchen Witch, what we do and why, together with a collection of crafts to make including witches bottles, medicine bags, magic powders, poppets and offerings along with a collection of candle magic spells and meditations.

This book is for those new to witchcraft and those more experienced, it gives a glimpse into Kitchen Witchery and includes lots of ideas for crafting - so it is suitable for pagans, witches and druids alike.


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